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Non Sequitur

Non Sequitur [pronounced non sek'-wit-er](Kelsey) has had a love for music since birth. An air-drum prodigy by age 3, she taught herself how to play piano on her mother's upright by age 8. Throughout high school, Ms. Sequitur was involved in several bands, playing guitar in Screaming Angelz, Puppets, and Obscurum, and keyboard in The Stir. In 2008, she picked up the skill of DJing, and has been in love with the art ever since.
Over the last few years, she been taking over the world, one show at a time. She has played at venues far and wide, ranging from events at famous San Francisco clubs like Ruby Skye and The Endup to warehouse raves in Nevada.

Ms. Sequitur's journey of musical discovery has taken her through many different genres of music, and the music she spins and produces reflects this diversity. Not only is she a huge enthusiast of electro house, tech house, and breaks, but she is also greatly influenced by indie rock, post hardcore, industrial rock, and art metal.
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We asked Ms.Sequitur some questions.

[IF]When did you first start listening to EDM?

[Non Sequitur] Yunno, it's really not an easy question to answer. Back when I was 15-16, I was really into dancy synth punk like the Faint and the local band The Epoxies. And then I got into darkwave bands like Razed in Black and Assemblage 23, which is kinda EDM, but like...hella dark. When I was about 18-19, I started looking for something like what I now know is electro house, but I didn't know what it was called, where I could find it, or if it even existed yet. And then I went to a rave and was like, "OMG this is what I've been looking for! IT EXISTS!" So EDM as we know it? I guess 18.

[IF]What was your first event as a attendee?

[Non Sequitur]Electric Killer Ninjas 2 at the Crack House on May 6, 2006. That was also the first time I'd ever gotten lost in East Oakland. Woo!

[IF]Who was your first favorite artist/group?

[Non Sequitur]In general? Hanson. My first favorite EDM artist was, believe it or not, Deadmau5. He has kinda lost my attention after all his songs started sounding like all his other songs. Although I still really really really love "I Remember." That song always gives me the chills.

[IF]When did you first start producing?

[Non Sequitur]Aside from messing around in Garageband, I first started producing when I got Logic for my birthday in January 2010.

[IF]When did you start DJing? How did you learn?

I started DJing over the summer of 2008. I was at a friend's house after a rave, and he had CDJs. He noticed that my eyes were glued to his decks while he was playing, so he handed me the headphones and said, "Wanna try?" and I guess the rest is history. Because I was a total closet case about it, rather than asking for help, I learned a lot from Youtube. You can learn how to do anything on Youtube.

[IF]First setup and current set up (including computers, software, drum-pads, etc)?

[Non Sequitur] Well, my first setup is my current setup. Right after I'd tried DJing a few times, I had a nice random windfall, and I decided to get CDJs. Rather than getting crappy ones and upgrading later, I decided to get good ones and be good for a while. I got 2 CDJ800 MK1s and a little Denon X120 mixer. I REALLY want to upgrade my mixer. Like a LOT. And my sound system is made up of found objects. 2 really nice Sony speakers that I found in my basement (who would throw those away???) and 2 other speakers that my dad had laying around, and a receiver/amp from goodwill for $20. It's actually pretty awesome.

[IF]When was your first Gig/Performance?

[Non Sequitur] My first gig was at I Like to Groove It Groove It on May 16, 2009. It was also the first event I threw!

[IF]Who has been a major influence to your productions?

[Non Sequitur] I've found myself being very influenced by Santiago & Bushido. I like to work some of their subtle, dirty style into my productions. I'm also really influenced by Miles Dyson, Elite Force, and Dilemn.

[IF]What are your future goals for performances and productions?

[Non Sequitur] I wanna take over the world! But I wanna start by playing more out of state gigs. I played in Reno once, and I wanna do it again, if anything else, for the adventure of the trip. I would also like to get more of my original pieces out there and work them into mixes and stuff. Also, I'd really like to add more of a live element into my adding live synths or something awesome like that.

[IF]Do you collaborate with anyone? If so, who?

[Non Sequitur]I have not collaborated much. I would really like to though! I should get on that...

[IF]What is your favorite or preferred performing equipment?(Turntables (maker)/CDJ's/Drum-pads/Keyboards/Controllers)

[Non Sequitur] I really like playing on the CDJ 2000s because the bpm counter is so precise that I can spend less time beatmatching and more time mixing. As for the mixer, I like pretty much all of the Pioneer mixers, but as long as the EQs can cut all the way out and the headphone cue allows you to hear both tracks at once, I'm happy.

[IF]What is the biggest event you want to perform at?

[Non Sequitur] The biggest? I dunno. EDC? Sure, why not. Let's aim high :)
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